Pardee Resources Company: Curtin Sawmill Sale

Pardee Resources Company (OTC: PDER) announced today that its subsidiary, Pardee & Curtin Timberlands LLC (“Pardee”), recently closed on the sale of its sawmill located in Curtin, West Virginia to The Jim C. Hamer Company (“Hamer”) for an undisclosed amount. Hamer has operated this sawmill under lease since 1984. Pardee also entered into a 10-year Timber Harvest Agreement at closing, providing Hamer with harvesting rights on Pardee’s  62,000 acres of timberlands which lie in close proximity to the sawmill.  “While the Company has owned this sawmill since it was constructed in 1955, continued ownership did not fit with our strategic focus of owning and managing commercial timberlands,” said Carleton P. Erdman, President and Chief Executive Officer.


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