Board of Directors

Directors of Pardee Resources Company bring many years of professional experience in representing shareholders’ interests while providing guidance to the Company’s executive leadership and its overall strategic direction.

listed by length of service

  • William G. Foulke, Chairman, Independent Financial Consultant
  • James C. Rodgers, Wm. T. Burnett & Co.
  • Matthew W. Hall, Independent Consultant
  • George D. Curtin III, Independent Consultant
  • Alexander Kerr, Esq., McCarter & English, LLP
  • Carleton P. Erdman, President and CEO, Pardee Resources Company
  • Benjamin A. Burditt, Princeton Strategic Advisors, LLC
  • George K. Hickox, Jr., Heller Hickox & Co.
  • Adam W. Foulke, Evest & Ocean Venture Companies