Pardee Resources Company: Almond Agricultural Investment

Pardee Resources Company: (OTC: PDER) (the “Company”) reports that its subsidiary, Pardee Agricultural Properties LLC, recently acquired a controlling interest in a partnership that has leased a 390-acre farmland tract located near Evora, Portugal.  The tract will be developed and managed for almonds by a multi-generational agricultural operating company with extensive almond growing expertise in California’s Central Valley and a local experienced Portuguese agricultural partner.  (The Company’s California table grape farms were developed and are managed by this same agricultural operating company).  The Company made an initial investment of $1.1 million in the partnership and plans to invest an additional $2.1 million over the next four years as the almond farm is developed, for a total investment of $3.2 million.  “The Company’s first international investment, which further diversifies our existing domestic agricultural platform, is expected to yield strong investment returns over the long term due to its access to an abundant supply of water for irrigation and its cost and logistical advantages versus other almond producing regions,” said Carleton P. Erdman, President and Chief Executive Officer.


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